About Jenn      

       I have always known that art would play a significant role in my life, but not certain where that passion would take me.  I painted with oils for years, with dreams of it becoming a lifelong career. When in a lull I often turned to music, modern conceptual art, still life vignettes, photography, sculpture, all as inspiration. It's now that I realize the commonality they shared was the ability to captivate me emotionally, something I value immensely in all artistic mediums. 

      In my late teen years I painted several pieces with flowers as the primary focus.  I remember being so attracted to the femininity of their petals; so much effortless detail and beauty. I first visited the flower market in Los Angeles when I was eighteen and could not believe such a place existed. I was fascinated by all the species which at the time were completely unknown to me. I have been working with flowers ever since, and in the process realized flowers were the unexpected medium I have always wanted to work with.

      More tangible and multi-dimensional than paint and so perfectly imperfect, I am constantly in awe of their ability to completely transform a room as a living medium. While I still appreciate and practice a variety of artistic expressions, my work is primarily devoted to recreating natural environments with whatever ingredients are avaible to me (fruit and vegetation not excluded, and always encouraged).  In the future I have hopes of expanding into other creative realms but always taking flowers along with me.